Our Goal: Be Among Leaders in Embedding Sustainability Practices

Sustainability at RioCan is focused on a sustainable business model. For us, it is about systematically embedding people, community and environmental considerations in all decision-making. Corporate philanthropy is a key facet of RioCan’s profile as a good corporate citizen and one that we have always viewed as a priority. We support a number of charitable organizations, with an emphasis on children’s and medical charities, through donation of our time, space and financial resources. Giving back to the communities that we live, work and thrive in has always been important to us; fundraising efforts return long-lasting benefits to society, its employees and the Trust.

We invite you to view our Sustainability Policy.

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Our platform for Sustainability Focuses on Three Areas:


Our people are the driving force of our business: tenants, partners, employees and investors. Starting with a safe place to live, work and shop at, we conduct business with integrity and transparency and strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships with our stakeholder groups.

Examples of our commitments to people include:


  • Engaging with our tenants, partners, employees and investors regularly to evaluate and evolve sustainability initiatives
  • Striving for diversity so that our management teams and employee base reflect the diverse communities in which we operate
  • Using sustainability as a platform for employee development, engagement programs and recruitment
  • Collaborating and cooperating with tenants to adhere to joint sustainability goals
  • Educating our stakeholders on how sustainability creates value to the company
  • Engaging our partners in contributing towards our sustainability goals from the onset


We are established pillars of our communities, and as such, our community leadership practices have been created based on our history of investing, operating and developing within each of our communities. RioCan strives to make each of our centres a safe and integral part of the local environment with appropriate lighting in parking lots, presenting a clean and safe space that is accommodating to all staff.

Community leadership builds on our history of investing in the communities where we operate and develop. Examples of our community commitments include:


  • Acting as community stewards by proactively building relationships with while contributing to the communities in which we operate
  • Supporting our Developments, Construction, Operations, Asset Management and Investment teams to create healthy, resource-efficient and durable buildings by having clear guidelines on sustainability
  • Continuing to give back to our communities by investing in community initiatives that align with our values and sustainability priorities


Environmental sustainability is an integral component of our overall vision for the future. Our leadership aims to minimize the environmental impacts of our properties and developments to ensure a sustainable and clean environment for future generations.

Environmental leadership strives to minimize the environmental impacts of our properties and developments. Examples of our environmental commitments include:


  • Supporting our properties in embedding sustainable practices by providing standards, guidelines and training
  • Investing in programs and equipment that enhance energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality and minimize waste to landfill
  • Examining the viability of implementing renewable energy at new developments
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment, where feasible

As part of our pledge for continuous improvement, we have committed to participating in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey

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Proud Supporters of

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Executive Responsibility & Sustainability Steering Committee

We have a Sustainability Steering Committee comprised of cross functional Executive and Leadership team members to oversee our sustainability strategy implementation and to drive performance improvements. Steering Committee members sponsor and provide guidance on sustainability initiatives within the organization and enable performance measurement. In addition, we have dedicated environmental and sustainability resources to manage day-to- day sustainability strategy implementation.

Little Differences Make a Big Difference

As proud as RioCan is of our corporate social responsibility efforts as a whole, it is our team and individual properties that make the real difference. These are a few of our more recent moments where our team was able to make a difference in their communities and give back.

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Fort McMurray Support Relief Efforts

In May 2016, RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust donated $25,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to support the immediate needs of the Fort McMurray community.

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Heart and Stroke Bike Ride

At head office and in a few surrounding enclosed malls, RioCan staff actively participated in “The Big Bike Ride” for Heart & Stroke Canada, helping to raise thousands of dollars.

Our Culture

Despite the size of our company and portfolio, we have never forgotten what has gotten us this far – our focus on communities. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain loyal, personal relationships at every step of the RioCan experience.

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