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Instinct Shaped by Experience

RioCan was founded in 1993 by Edward Sonshine. It remains a forward-looking, entrepreneurial organization with the spirit and agility to seize opportunities and the resources to create them. Through ongoing discovery, strategy and a commitment to acting with integrity, we continue to shape the futures of communities.

In the Beginning

1992 – In the wake of the worst real estate recession since the Great Depression, Ed Sonshine was intrigued by the REIT concept first seen in Australia and the United States as a solution for struggling real estate portfolios. The basic principle is a security that is traded on major exchanges and through real estate directly, providing investors with special tax considerations, high yields and a highly liquid method of real estate investment.

Persistence & Perseverance

1993 – The team spent months perfecting a feasible business and legal plan before proposing their idea. The big hurdle was to educate and convince unit holders about what a REIT was, how it worked and why it was a worthwhile investment. With frustrated tenants who were facing liquidation, Mr. Sonshine’s personal visits and sales pitches were essential to smoothly converting their tenants to the new concept.

Building Strong Foundations

In January of 1994, RioCan was first listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and received help from CIBC to raise crucial capital. In 1995, it became evident there was a need for an in-house leasing expert. Fred Waks was the perfect man for the job and quickly proved to be a fundamental addition to the company.

Significant Acquisitions

In October of 1995, RioCan settled the acquisition of five shopping centres in Ottawa virtually doubling the size of the company. With growing momentum, RioCan acquired various portfolios of past clients, settling their then largest transaction in April of 1998 for nine shopping centers from Burnac. In 1999, a strategic decision was made to merge RioCan with RealFund, another of the original three Canadian REITS.

Bright Horizons

With the unwavering mission to create and build cash flows for both RioCan and its investors, the focus has always been on acquiring real estate, improving it, building new developments and creating value along the way. With engrained values of personable service, honesty and transparency, RioCan will continue on this path to success in the Canadian market.

Making Headway

Never resting on our laurels, RioCan is progressing down a wise and steady path. With a vast development pipeline underway, our asset growth strategy provides a more secure, risk adverse portfolio for our stakeholders. With engrained values of confident leadership, personable service, honesty and transparency, RioCan will continue on this path.

Nimble, Passionate & Expert Driven

RioCan’s culture revolves around the core principles of our operation – strategic decision making, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, and shaping the future through good community stewardship. Our property developers and managers act with integrity, candor and responsiveness to create spaces where we can all prosper.

Personable Service

Our cross-functional teams are dedicated to specific areas of business and lead to expert solutions. We’ve realized the problems of many big companies lie in their inability to cut through red tape and act fast. That’s why we’ve carefully built a culture to cut through the bureaucracy.

Strong Leadership Leads to Loyal Partnerships

Our leadership teams are visionaries that believe in loyal partnerships with a truly long term view. These partnerships lead to stability in our existence, and over the years makes a company trustworthy for our internal and external stakeholders.

Our History and Culture - Oakville-Place824x464Culture

Oakville Place

Committed to Long Term Relationships

We work closely with our stakeholders ensuring that their investments are reaping them the fruitful results they seek.

Our History and Culture - Retain-Talent-824x462

Attract the Best Talent and Retain Them

At RioCan, we attract and retain the best talent with a long-term perspective because we believe that the strong foundation of a stable company is dependent on its employees.

Looking Ahead

A keen understanding of the evolving retail landscape in Canada has helped RioCan prepare its properties and tenants for what lies ahead. Browse through our featured developments to see what plans we have for the future.

Our History and Culture - The-team-behind-612x316

The Team Behind Our Existence

We have carefully selected and attracted the best talent over the years so that each team member is independently driven and motivated to make the RioCan brand a success. They reflect our company’s values – integrity, honesty and transparency across all areas of business.

Our History and Culture - Career-Opps

Career Opportunities

When you’re a part of our winning team, you’ll be working with the best in the industry. You will grow, thrive and contribute in a positive environment. You’re able to bring your ideas to life, thus contributing measurable value.




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