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Nimble, Passionate & Expert Driven

RioCan’s culture revolves around the core principles of our operation – strategic decision making, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, and shaping the future through good community stewardship. Our property developers and managers act with integrity, candor and responsiveness to create spaces where we can all prosper.

Personable Service

Our cross-functional teams are dedicated to specific areas of business and lead to expert solutions. We’ve realized the problems of many big companies lie in their inability to cut through red tape and act fast. That’s why we’ve carefully built a culture to cut through the bureaucracy.

Strong Leadership Leads to Loyal Partnerships

Our leadership teams are visionaries that believe in loyal partnerships with a truly long term view. These partnerships lead to stability in our existence, and over the years makes a company trustworthy for our internal and external stakeholders.

Committed to Long Term Relationships

We work closely with our stakeholders ensuring that their investments are reaping them the fruitful results they seek.

Innovative Growth in a Changing Environment

The real estate market is tough and ever changing; we know this from being in the business for years and making good decisions throughout. These decisions involved calculated risks, which were not foreseen by the others at the time we took them, but yielded positive results, which are proven today.

Attract the Best Talent and Retain Them

At RioCan, we attract and retain the best talent with a long-term perspective because we believe that the strong foundation of a stable company is dependent on its employees.

The Team Behind Our Existence

We have carefully selected and attracted the best talent over the years so that each team member is independently driven and motivated to make the RioCan brand a success. They reflect our company’s values – integrity, honesty and transparency across all areas of business.

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Career Opportunities

When you’re a part of our winning team, you’ll be working with the best in the industry. You will grow, thrive and contribute in a positive environment. You’re able to bring your ideas to life, thus contributing measurable value.


Our History
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