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Forward-Looking and Visionary

Since 1993, RioCan has developed communities while adhering to our guiding philosophies of integrity, candor, and responsiveness. We firmly believe that there is a home for every tenant, whether retail or residential, and that we succeed when they do. We build properties and partnerships for the long-term, with an eye to the future and a dedication to safety, ethics and community stewardship.

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December 31, 2020

Prosperity Through Partnerships

The lasting relationships we form with tenants, employees, unitholders and suppliers at every step of the business lifecycle help ensure the success of our projects. Every partnership is built around mutual benefit. Our people understand urban and suburban growth better than anyone else in the business.

Growth Driven By Insight

We profit when our tenants and investors do and we are committed to mutually beneficial outcomes through growth. RioCan has the entrepreneurial spirit to seize opportunities and the resources to create them. That’s why we are able to boast the best land portfolio in Canada. Explore our list of current properties.

Deep Expertise Working For You

Our people put their experience and instincts to work for our unitholders. Their integrity, experience, and foresight drive prosperity for RioCan and for tenants and investors.

Providing Valuable Service

We are efficient, nimble, and fast to make decisions. RioCan is committed to giving our tenants and stakeholders the attention they deserve, while aggressively looking for new portfolio acquisitions in the market and developing their value.

Some of the Best Names in Retail

Our portfolio is comprised of over 200 properties spanning across Canada, so naturally we’ve attracted the biggest names in retail business such as Walmart, Canadian Tire, Cineplex and Metro.

Changing the Retail Landscape

With the community in mind, our main focus is to offer environmentally friendly properties in accessible areas with a well-balanced variety of tenants to create a valuable experience for all.

History in the Making

Following the principles of our founder Mr. Ed Sonshine, RioCan has triumphed through difficult times to earn the prestigious position we’re proud to hold.

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