Giving Back
to the Communities
That Support Us

Corporate philanthropy is a key facet of RioCan’s profile as a good corporate citizen and one that we have always viewed as a priority. We support a number of charitable organizations, with an emphasis on children’s and medical charities, through donation of our time, space and financial resources. Giving back to the communities that we live, work and thrive in has always been important to us; fundraising efforts return long-lasting benefits to society, its employees and the Trust.



Metric tons of E-waste collected in 2014 by Burlington Mall



dollars Raised in one day for Ottawa charity 'mothercraft'



Percent of properties that actively support their communities

Health and Wellbeing 

RioCan strives to make each of its shopping centres a safe and integral part of its local community. Adequate lighting in parking lots, a clean environment and accommodating staff all assist in providing a safe shopping environment in RioCan’s centres. RioCan has installed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in many of RioCan’s enclosed shopping centres to provide emergency care in the event of a heart attack.

Proud Supporters of

Strong Internal Team 

RioCan provides its employees with a safe work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. RioCan has a number of employee-focused initiatives that are designed to improve workplace satisfaction. These initiatives include development and education programs. RioCan also has a comprehensive Code of Conduct for all employees, which includes protections against harassment and discrimination and provides guidelines for employee conduct including anti-bribery and fair dealing with RioCan’s stakeholders. Furthermore, RioCan provides a Whistleblower hotline to provide employees with the ability to anonymously report violations of RioCan’s Code of Conduct.

Environmental Responsibility

RioCan continuously makes efficiency improvements in its property portfolio and works with its tenants to facilitate their energy conservation needs, which contribute to lowered emissions and reduced energy use. In addition, development projects are viewed through the lens of sustainable building with these factors being incorporated wherever possible. RioCan has worked with tenants as they customize their space to include 
geothermal heating and cooling, waste water collection and lower carbon footprint initiatives. RioCan has also taken specific initiatives at its properties to reduce waste, such as the installation of recycling receptacles to reduce the amount of waste generated at RioCan properties across Canada. At its head office location, the RioCan Yonge & Eglinton Centre, RioCan has taken a number of initiatives since acquiring the property 
to improve the efficiency and environmental footprint of the building. The property was BOMA BESt certified in 2009, and RioCan continues to upgrade the property’s efficiency. At its own offices, RioCan has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce paper usage. RioCan has expanded its water and waste management strategies into the enclosed mall properties that it acquired in 2013, namely Oakville Place and Burlington Mall.

Little Differences Make a Big Difference

As proud as RioCan is of our corporate social responsibility efforts as a whole, it is our team and individual properties that make the real difference. These are a few of our more recent moments where our team was able to make a difference in their communities and give back. 

Alberta Flood Relief Breakfast 

In Summer 2013, our Calgary area employees quickly created a chuckwagon breakfast and fundraiser at one of our sites for the Alberta Flood Relief effort. 

Heart and Stroke Bike Ride 

At head office and in a few surrounding enclosed malls, RioCan staff actively participated in "The Big Bike Ride" for Heart & Stroke Canada, helping to raise thousands of dollars. 

Fort McMurray Support Relief Efforts 

In May 2016, RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust donated $25,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to support the immediate needs of the Fort McMurray community.

Our Culture

Despite the size of our company and portfolio, we have never forgotten what has gotten us this far – our focus on communities. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain loyal, personal relationships at every step of the RioCan experience. 

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Our Management Team

Our Management Team

Behind every great company is a strong, experienced support system. Our Board of Trustees and Senior Management team is essential to making the smart, proactive decisions that have gotten us this far. 

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